Last Chance to Watch

ETs Among Us 3: Secret Space Program, Alien Psychics & Crop Circle Clues (2018)
Episode 3 in Cybela Clare’s award-winning “ETs Among Us” series covers: the Secret Space Program, ET telepathy, hu...
S04E10 2015: World Wide UFO of July
The first video is from Richard Black which we see a morphing UFO seen in the Netherlands on July 17th 2015. The second ...
ETs Among Us: UFO Witnesses And Whistleblowers (2016)
This documentary exposes political motivations for the government’s coverup of UFO phenomena: underground bases, rever...
First Man Into Space (1959)
When an astronaut, the brother of a US Navy commander, disobeys orders and refuses to turn back on his mission, he is gi...
First Spaceship on Venus (1960)
A mysterious magnetic spool discovered during a construction project has been discovered to have come from Venus. A rock...
Flight to Mars (1951)
A newspaper reporter and a bunch of scientists fly a rocket to Mars just to find out that Martians look exactly like us....
Invaders from Space (1965)
Trashy Classic Sci-Fi film ahead! A bunch of pernicious salamander men from the planet Kulimon in the Moffit Galaxy plan...
Invisible Invaders (1959)
Contacted by aliens, they inform scientist Adam Penner that they have been on the moon for twenty thousand years, undete...
It Conquered the World (1956)
In this cult classic from Roger Corman, a scientist falls prey to the clever scheming of an obnoxious extraterrestrial.
Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962)
Astronaut John Agar leads U.N. explorers to Uranus, where a giant eye feeds them images from their minds.
Killers from Space (1954)
Trashy Classic Sci-Fi film ahead! Atomic scientist and pilot Doug Martin is missing after his plane crashes on a reconna...
Missile to the Moon (1958)
Trashy Classic Sci-Fi film ahead! An astronaut and his team find a big spider, women in stockings, and rock men on the m...